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For over six decades, Pathfinder International has worked closely with national and local governments, communities, and health systems in developing countries to remove barriers and strengthen reproductive health and family planning services, contributing to improved health outcomes. 

Pathfinder supports refugees and internally displaced people by providing community-based health and support services, promoting preparation for and resilience to crises, and maintaining quality services for host communities. Throughout their work, Pathfinder improves the rights and lives of the people we serve. 

Pathfinder has a long history of implementing women's empowerment and gender-integrated approaches within both service delivery and community-based interventions.

Their programs have always reflected a greater understanding that gender equality requires the intentional engagement of men and boys, as well as women and girls, in transforming gender norms and addressing gender-based violence. Pathfinder uses local context-sensitive, tailored approaches that emphasise the positive roles that each can play in establishing gender-equitable attitudes and behaviours.



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